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The science of Nutrition and its applied Dietology is considered as an achievement for modern people’s health. The nutrition’s effects to men’s health emerge from the first (stages of its life. The necessity for every food’s part and the demands in energy varies with the age, gender, activity and other factors.

The increase of physical weight forms one of the major problems in modern society with visible effects on men’s health. Stresses, psychological tense, absence of physical exercise and above all, wrong nutrition create the most favorable conditions for many pathological situations.

Planning of suitable and individualized treatment of nutrition continues to remain the main way of facing the weight’s increase problem. This planning must secure the taking of all nutritious ingredients so as not to have men’s health in danger.

Diet-net provides with high quality advisory services in Nutrition and Dietology via Internet with energy participation in health’s furtherance. Considering of characteristics like age, gender, physical activity or special and psychological conditions, we make out individualized diets based on one’s nutritious habits in order to maintain improve and regain its health.

Our diets are based on the following:

  • There’s no need to take nutrition’s extra helping
  • There’s no need to be without food
  • There’s no need to prepare special food
  • There’s no need to weigh food
  • They’re made out in harmony with your daily program
  • Diet-net provides with nutritious covering the following:

    Normal situations

  • Nutrition for adults
  • Nutrition for children – teenagers
  • Nutrition for athletes
  • Nutrition for pregnant
  • Nutrition for mothers suckling
  • Pathological situations

  • Nutrition for cardiac
  • Nutrition for diabetics
  • Nutrition for people with nephropathy
  • Nutrition for hypertensive
  • Nutrition for people with high cholesterol


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