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Paraskevi K. Ourda

She graduated in 1997 from the Nutrition’s and Dietology’s Department of the Highest
Technological Institute in Thessaloniki. Her dissertation was realized in the laboratory of the Analytical Chemistry and Vitamins’ Analysis. Theme “Content of Ferrum (Fe) and Zinc (Zn) in traditional Hellenic foods”. As a part of experimental research so as to determine the nutritious continents in traditional Hellenic recipes.
She was occupied as a dietologist in charge of the supervision of the nutrition’s programs in a dietological centre. She has teached in Public Institute of Professional Training in Larissa specialist in “Nutrition’s Applications” and she has participated in examinations of the practice part for the certification of Public Institute of Professional Training.
From 2000 till now, she keeps a dietological office in Larissa and she takes over the creation and the documentation of the diet-net.gr subjects. At last, she has participated in important meetings and seminars since 1994.She’s also a member in the Hellenic-wide Society of Dietologists-Nutritionists.

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